Downey's Taekwon-Do Centers  
Teaching Taekwon-Do in St. John's, and Mount Pearl since 1990
Where Self-Confidence and Fitness become reality!
27th Anniversary 1990-2017
Affiliated with the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and the Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation International (CTFI)
We don't just teach, we inspire!


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For class cancellations due to poor weather conditions please visit our facebook page one hour before class starts.

Phone: (709) 753-4248;  Cell#690-4753 or 4754

Instructors (Husband and Wife Team)
Master Scott Downey 8th Degree Black Belt
Mrs. Cathy Downey 6th Degree Black Belt

The longest running Taekwon-Do school in St. John's and Mount Pearl. Home of the famous "little Dragons" program (age 4-7)

We are presently accepting New students in our Little Dragons program age 4-7 on Saturdays 11:30-12:30 at St. James United Church on Elizabeth Avenue. We will not be accepting any new students in our regular/family program until September 2017. 

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Phone: (709) 753-4248;  Cell#690-4753 or 4754

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The above picture was taken at our annual seminar on May 28, 2016