Downey's Taekwon-Do "Active" Black Belts

For students testing for 4th Dan and above: You must attend an International Instructors Course (IIC) prior to testing. 
Thesis is required for testing for 7th Dan - 9th Dan. 7th - 9th Dan promotion must be done by the ITF Technical committee. 

  VIII  Dan                         

Master Scott Downey #C-8-9

 VII  Dan                         

   VI Dan                            

Cathy Downey #C-6-38

   V Dan                            

Joanne Collins
Cathy Reid
Paul Burke
Paul Snow

   IV  Dan                         

Barry Dyer
Stephanie Roberts
William Power
Sharon Vere-Holloway
Lynn Zurel

   III   Dan                         

Matthew Dyer
Heather Zurel
Ted Williams
Kevin James
Michelle Rice
Patrick Rice
Liam Dyer

  II  Dan                           

Steve Byrne
Kevin James
Jamal Tracey
Joshua Dyer
Nathan James
Hardy Linegar
Christine Hennebury
Alex Drodge
Olivia Dyer
Chase Caines
Chris Pye
Selena Lear-O'Reily
Lucinda Gathercole

 I   Dan                         

Sandra Maidment
Nathaniel Codner
Dana Hutchings
Mitchell Maidment
Carter Morgan
Jack Drodge
Steve Drodge
Alexa Peach
Shannon Galway
Derek Galway
Michael Galway
Sean O'Neill
Rodger Reid
Jennah Tricco
Rick Power
Aiden Bennett