Downey's Taekwon-Do 

Questions and Answers

Who are the Instructors: Master Scott Downey (8th Degree Black Belt) and Master Cathy Downey (7th Degree Black Belt). Both are 1997 Taekwon-Do World Champions (St. Louis, USA). During this world championship Master Downey also received the Best Overall Senior Competitor Award. Master Downey and Mrs. Downey are both retired from competition but continue to be involved in National and International events as Umpire A's. The husband and wife team have been teaching Taekwon-Do in St. John’s and Mount Pearl for the past 25 years and are two of the most highly qualified Taekwon-Do instructors in Canada. They have had personal training (six seminars) from the Legendary founder of Taekwon-Do (General Choi Hong Hi) and many more from the ITF technical committee. For more information on the instructors go to the instructors section of this web site. We also have several Assistant Black Belt Instructors: 

What is Taekwon-Do? Taekwon-Do is a Korean Martial Art and it is the most popular Martial Art in the world. Tae means to Kick, Kwon means to punch and Do is the art or way. Therefore Taekwon-Do is the “art of kicking and punching.”

Do I have to be fit to join Taekwon-Do? NO. As a beginner you will be slowly introduced to the various exercises and techniques. In a few short weeks you will notice an improvement in strength, stamina and flexibility. In addition, you will find that you will deal more effectively with stress in your life and you will find that you are more relaxed and self-confident.

 Will I learn how to defend myself? Yes. At Downey’s Taekwon-Do we teach practical self-defense techniques including releasing techniques and attacks against vital spots of the body. Our philosophy of self-defense is “Talk if you will, walk away if you can, run if you must, but if all else fails defend yourself”.

 Is Taekwon-Do good for children? Yes. Doctors, psychologists, and teachers often recommend Taekwon-Do for children because it not only helps the child physically (weight management, increased strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination) but also mentally (increased attention span and concentration, improved self-esteem and self-confidence, and better able to control frustration and anger). In addition, the child is taught to respect their parents, teachers, and each other. The shy and introverted child learns to become more confident, assertive, and social. The aggressive child learns self-control through relaxation training and meditation.

 I have been in many types of fitness programs in the past but have not been able to stick to the program for any length of time. Will joining Taekwon-Do be any different? YES. Taekwon-Do has a grading system that allows you to set short-term realistic goals with the ultimate goal of attaining the rank of Black Belt. We have had a group of 30 students join our program at the same time and 25 continued to train and attain their Black Belt. This required approximately 4 years of consistent training and resulted in significant improvements in health and fitness. Most of these individuals would not have been able to continue with a regular fitness program (weight training, aerobics, etc…) for 4 weeks let alone 4 years. For many of our students Taekwon-Do is a “way of life for the rest of their lives”.

 Do you have programs for various age groups? YES. Below are some of the programs offered:

  Our Famous Little Dragons Program: Age 4,5,6,7  

Little Dragons Class December 2014


Over the past 27 years our famous Little Dragon's Program (age 4-7) have produced hundreds of "Yes I Can" students. Many have gone on to become Black Belts in our Regular program. Master Downey, who is also a registered Psychologist, and works as a Psychologist at the Janeway Child Health Center (1991 to present) specifically designed this program for young children who are not developmentally ready for success in the regular program. This program focuses on developing the child’s coordination with an emphasis on displaying courtesy and respect for fellow students, parents and instructors. They are also taught the importance of self-control and how to deal with conflict in a non-violent manner. During the "meditation" portion of the class the students recite the tenets of Taekwon-Do (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit). They also recite the philosophy of self-defense: "Talk if you will, walk away if you can, run if you must, but if all else fails, defend yourself".

  Family Program/Regular Program (age 8 to 60 plus)


This program allows family members to train together at the same time. About 50% of our students consist of family members. We have had many of these family members continue with their training and reach the level of Black Belt together. Our most recent family to accomplish this goal was Ms. Sharon Trenholm and her two daughters (Elena and Sarah). A family that kicks together sticks together!

 Note: If you have any other questions please E-mail Master Downey at or call 753-4248 (cell 690-4753)